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  1. @neilestrick Sweet, Thank you so much! How difficult is it to change the elements in the kiln? Or should I call someone from skutt to do it?
  2. its a Skutt km-1227. 208 volts, 1 phase, 48 amps. Max temp: 2185 f, cone 5
  3. I am looking into buying my first kiln, a Skutt. I found one online for a very great price, but only one problem... it only fires to cone 5. While in school, I made tons of functional pottery and was looking into doing that more, plates and cups in particular. My question is, is there much of a difference between a cone 5 and a cone 6 as far as strength and durability goes? Would you recommend me buying a kiln that only fired to cone 5 if I'm making functional pieces like cups and plates?
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