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  1. LauraP

    New Kiln test

    Awesome! Thank you!!
  2. LauraP

    New Kiln test

    Thank you for responding I had it on low for 20 minutes venting, medium for 20 minutes vending and then on high for the rest. It bent the 06 cone and turned off the kiln.
  3. LauraP

    New Kiln test

    I just fired up my new Olympic 1214T-120 small kiln. I used a 06 cone bar that was with the kit from the lady I purchased it from. The cone bar was sealed in a little plastic box and they all look dry and healthy. The previous owner said she bought the kiln 5 years ago. It had NEVER been fired. The Kiln has a kiln sitter and a timer that will turn off the kiln if the cone fails. I set 12 hours on the timer and just checked on it. It has only been on for less than 3 1/2 hours. The cone is melted and when I peeked inside it is not a glowing hot. It is very hot though. The kiln was empty. No shelving or other pottery. So Help! Why did it fire so fast? I did not use test cones inside as I did not have a platform for them.

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