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  1. Hi, I'm really enthusiastic about pottery. Making dishware in particular. I've been wanting to create a certain aesthetic, but am having trouble achieving it. I know a lot of it is trial and error, and experience is the key. But I was hoping someone on here can give me some advice to get me un-stuck. So, I uploaded a few photos to show the style I am hoping to achieve., but are just examples of the aesthetic, not the specifics like color, clay, etc. ...im not really sure how to describe it, earthenware? stoneware? Its very rustic and handbuilt, and reminds me of natural stone with a matte finish...and the glaze has a bit of texture to it . most of my trials so far come out very smooth and flat where the glaze is brushed. And again, I know it's a lot of trial and error. i dont mind the experimentation process(actually rather enjoy it), I just need a better idea of what the process is when going for this look, and how to get started At my local pottery supply store, I have been told that the key is in reduction firing, of course they don't do reduction firing, and no one in town does either(and I don't have the equipment necessary either), which is why I feel a little stuck right now. The only other thing I can think of is firing to cone 10. Right now I work with clay and glaze in the cone 5-6 range. Unfortunately the studio that I fire my Pottery in doesn't fire at cone 10 either. So it seems like my options are limited. my question is this: what can I do to start taking my pottery in that direction? would experimenting with wedging different clays together help? or making my own glazes ( right now I buy the pre-made glazes)? is there a technique or part of the process I'm missing aside from the basics (i.e. throwing, bisque firing, glazing, and firing again)? Sorry for the rambling, I've just been hitting a bunch of dead ends with some of my questions and didn't know where else to turn! Thanks!!!

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