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  1. Logan E

    Help! Cuerda Seca "dry line"

    Glazenerd, if you suggest this is what I need, do you know the recipe/ingredients?
  2. Logan E

    Help! Cuerda Seca "dry line"

    Unfortunately the premix wax resists are not what I need. They have too much wax as it will ruin the screen and not thick enough
  3. Logan E

    Help! Cuerda Seca "dry line"

    I am applying the resist on the screen, to lay the linework on the bisque tiles.
  4. I am desperate for help. I am beginning cuerda seca tilework, but am screen printing to create accurate line work. I cannot find a recipe for wax resist anywhere, much less specifically for screen printing. It cannot have too much wax in it as it will ruin the screens, but enough to resist glaze. It must be a thicker consistency also. Does anyone know what I need to create this mixture?

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