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  1. Linda1313

    Hide scumming without using glaze?

    Oh I see. Thank you Callie!
  2. Linda1313

    Hide scumming without using glaze?

    Thanks Min! Yes, I'm totally new here and also very new to using this clay, firing, all of it lol. I am nervous about trying to glaze this piece and ruining it. Plus I like the light orange natural color. Good to know I can still fire it with linseed! I wonder if it's the poor quality water at my shop that's causing this when I spray it? I have no clue. But I will check about the barium. Thank you so much !
  3. Hi everyone. I made a sculpture of terracotta and fired it to 04. There is scumming, so I tried to linseed oil it but it's still visible. I want the natural clay color so, not interested in glaze, but is there something I can do to make the color uniform? I also tried scrubbing and sanding it but it's not budging lol. Please help ! Thank you, Linda

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