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    Best kiln for Elementary Art teacher?

    Neil, Since I'm limited by having to transport the work, I'm PLANNING on only starting with my 6th graders, about 60 kids. We're also going to start easy, with small flat 4 inch square"tiles" that they will make simple designs on the top flat surface and then paint after they've been fired the first time. I have several plastic storage containers with 3 drawers, that I can use to try to safely transport them back and forth. (will wrap them in bubble wrap or soft towels). I'm doing initial research to see if this is even logical/feasible! I really want to do clay with the kids. I might have to use one at the local HS. (about 4 miles away from my elementary.) Thanks for responding!
  2. Hi All, I would like to get advice about purchasing a new kiln. I'm an Elementary Art teacher in North East Florida. We have over 600 students and growing. I would really appreciate input on the best size and brand to purchase. My budget is $1500 - $2000. I am a painter and photographer, so ceramics is out of my comfort zone. I will be operating the kiln at home, in the 2 car garage, if that influences choices. (No cars park in the garage.) Thank you! Rhonda

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