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  1. Wendy Rawlings

    Rusty Kiln lid

    Ok. So a rust converter doesn't need to be heat resistant. Hammerjte paint should be ok on top. The hole is an 'air vent' which I've always left open with a hollow bung in. I think it is important with how the heat distributes inside but I'm not massively technical in how kilns work. I also have a hole in the side which I leave open for bisque firing to allow the 'damp' out but this hole needs bunging for glazes as it changes the finished glaze appearance on nearest ceramics. Thanks for your help again.
  2. Wendy Rawlings

    Rusty Kiln lid

    Hi thanks for that. Yes I'm UK based so would need to find similar products. Does the rust converter need to withstand the high temperatures? Also if I cut away part of the metal jacket on the lid will it cause a lot of heat loss? I would probably combine this with the ceramic chimney idea as suggested as then the chemicals are moved away from the lid more. Thanks for all your ideas.
  3. Wendy Rawlings

    Rusty Kiln lid

    Hi. Can anyone recommend a paint to use for the outer kiln lid as it's beginning to rust? The rust has damaged the bung hole quite a lot and it is crumbling the metal and some loose bits of rusty metal fall into the kiln itself whilst firing. Is there anyway I can repair or rebuild part of this bung hole edge? I fire stoneware and glazes mainly to about 1260. Any ideas greatly appreciated as I don't want to have to buy a new kiln. Wendy

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