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  1. Hello! I'm new and I'm also new to teaching. I teach middle school art and I've been holding off on working with clay because I've never worked with a kiln before. I've only done Raku firing and even then my professor was the one that handled it and she never really explained what type of clay we used. I was wondering if there are some resources or if y'all can help me out some? I literally know almost nothing about clay firing. The clay I ordered for my students is Cinco Blanco. Here is the website of where I got it: http://www.armadilloclay.com/midfire-cone-5.html I have a Sentry 2.0 Paragon High Fire Electric Kiln and one section of the coil is out - it's not hanging off, it looks tight but it's just poking out of its socket. Is that still safe to fire with the coil out? Should I do like a practice run or something before I even start the kids on their project? They are going to be testing all next week and I figured I could use that week for drying so I can bisque fire by 5/19-5/20. I found a PDF on how to turn on the kiln and whatnot but I'm kinda terrified of doing this on my own (I'm the only art teacher). Are there videos that might be able to explain the process easily? I've tried looking but found few.
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