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  1. Thanks for the ideas. I feel confident that I can fabricate a bracket to hold a different motor. Would look for something similar in size (and of course stats) tho to keep the re-engineering to a minimum.
  2. Would love that info thanks! (If you need help testing it just let me know, lol)
  3. Thanks for the tip, I didn't realize that. I appreciate the responses. Do you know of any good avenues/sites/forums to find/buy a used motor?
  4. A couple shops around here told me it could cost 3 to 4 hundred dollars to fix (at $90/hour). Most just suggested buying a new motor. One even had an $800 motor they were willing to sell me! LOL Is it just me or did Amaco jack the prices of Brent parts up way beyond what any other wheel companies do for their similar parts? $51 for a set of brushes?!
  5. Any chance you would let a Brent motor go, say like, one that might fit a Brent CXC? Maybe it needs the bearings replaced or the commutator cleaned and brushes replaced. Anything but unglued magnets, got that already and don't know what to do about it, lol!
  6. I bought a used Brent CXC wheel with a blown motor. At $100 I still would have bought it even if I had looked up the price of a replacement motor first. However, I don't have $450+ for a motor at this time. Has anyone had any luck using an alternative motor? A friend has a CXC as well and his motor says Mcmillan Electric Company, my (dead) motor says Brent. They are similarly sized but have some obvious differences. I wasn't sure if Brent switched the motor at some point or if my friends has an "after market" replacement motor (he doesn't know either). It got me to thinking that it couldn't be that difficult to use a different motor if you know a thing or two about motors. Unfortunately I don't know a thing, nor two things, about motors and so I am reaching out to see if anyone here might. Would be great to find a model number for an affordable motor that pops right in, but I feel I could fabricate a bracket to hold a different motor if needed. Either it can't be done or someone surely has already done it. Which is it? Alternatively, does anyone know where to place and re-glue the permanent magnets in a Brent 1hp motor?
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