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  1. Tomás

    Graphite drawing on clay

    LT, Can you elaborate on what you mean by 'thoroughly drying at oven temperature?" I am taking that to mean literally the temperature of my kitchen oven. I understand the rest.... bisque fire first, then draw, then lightly coat (I'll spray) with "water glass." It sounds like a good solution for what I want. Of course I'll experiment first.
  2. Tomás

    Graphite drawing on clay

    I'll be trying the underglaze pencils, but I don't know if the smudges, fine lines, and darks that I can get with a range of graphite pencils will be satisfactory with the amoco pencils. Thank you all for your responses!
  3. Tomás

    Graphite drawing on clay

    Thanks, LT. I'm primarily a painter (and drawer?) I have a friend who is really a recognized master of ceramics, but he sometimes has a problem 'getting' what I'm trying to do. I'm hoping to use some large cylinders on which to draw. I saw Jim Dine's drawings on ceramic jars years ago and have wanted to do it ever since. Now I'm old and retired so I can try things like that. Fortunately my friend will help me in firing and I hope with throwing the jars. Thank you again. You really filled in some holes with your information.
  4. I want to do fairly intricate graphite drawings on clay forms. Does anyone know at which temperature the graphite can be fired without losing any detail or 'smudges?' I am not a ceramic artist. I imagine drawing on top of the bisque fired piece, then doing a light spray matte finish. Am I wasting my time? Thanks.

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