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    Kiln fired too hot

    Yesterday was the first time I attempted glaze firing pre-bought bisque ware. I had a group of friends paint cups, and then I was firing them. We used cone 06 glaze. I have a kiln sitter and I've never had a problem. When I opened up the kiln this morning after it had cooled, I found a melted mess. All the cups were just a pool of glaze, no remains of the bisque even present. Now I'm assuming the kiln fired too hot, but the crazy thing was I also had several glazed pieces from pieces I'd thrown and they were perfectly fine. Anyone have thoughts on what happened. I bought the bisque cups from Clay-King. The clay I throw that made it through without issues was cone 6. Also suggestions for getting the melted glaze off the side on the kiln walls? I'll add pics of what I found thanks

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