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  1. LightSepia

    Over fired bisque. Will glaze stick now?

    Second question. I have several of the amaco cone 5-6 glazes such as: Smokey merlot, light sepia, textured turquoise, ancient jasper... can i use those glazes on my stoneware clay?
  2. I am a super beginner at this whole pottery gig. I am loving it but I have a LOT to learn. I recently misunderstood how to do the bisque fire and fired my (stoneware plus) clay to a cone 10 :| . As I was reading more about the glazing and second fire process I realized my mistake. My question now is did I ruin those pieces that got bisque fired to cone 10 or can i save them? I am assuming the glaze won’t soak into the pieces very well. Any tips for me?! Help!

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