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  1. arnitalynch247

    Alaskan Clay

    Thank you, Sorry I don't understand this site yet. Good advice from many. I know my mother did some slab pieces with this clay. I just made a second mug and can't wait for it to fire. It was a little harder to work with, it took quite a few try's. It would be nice to be able to upload some pictures after I fire them.
  2. arnitalynch247

    Alaskan Clay

    My mother lived in Valdez Alaska from 75 to 89. At one point she rowed a boat out to an island dug up a massive amount of clay took it home washed it. She was not a potter but rather used it to pour into ceramic molds. It is a black clay that turns red when fired. I am an intermediate potter using a potters wheel. My questions are... has anyone ever worked with it in pottery? How does it fire? At what cone does it fire? I have thrown one small pot with it but have not fired it yet. Any information that I can get about this clay would be greatly appreciated.

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