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  1. Hi Dave, I buy a pre made powder and just add water but i make it the thickness of double cream and apply 2 coats. if you do some test tiles with your glazes you will also learn how they run and glaze accordingly. hope that helps. Regards Shel. xxx
  2. Hi, I dont use much sand in the kiln and I would worry that the sand may move during heating and causing them to sink and fall but I would of made a bisque stand for them (using slabs with holes in) to sit in so you could guarantee that they wouldnt move during firing. Sounds an interesting project and would love to see the results. Kind regards Shel.
  3. Hi, I have a dremel but only use it for tidying small glaze runs on pieces. For my kiln shelves, I soap wash them first then use sandpaper, starting with a course to fine depending what is required . What is it you were needing to grind?
  4. Agreed as above and although I havent used this clay myself, I know this clay has a range of 950 -1300. it may be that the bisque firing was at the lower end. If you were not intending to glaze then maybe do a test firing at the higher end and see if that makes a difference. I had a similar thing happen to me when I fired some E40 with my usual buff clay (bisqued @ 1040c) and instead of coming out a white colour it was pink due to the firing being low. Kindest regards, Shel.
  5. maybe a large standing egg incubator that has had shelves adapted would be the answer, this would maintain humidity and temperature. Would be trial and error to begin with until you got the ultimate range, but would of thought this would be ideal for overnight use.
  6. Hi, I am UK based. I generally use a buff clay ( C108) but occasionally use Terracotta. I have used the same glazes on terracotta and yes there is a remarkable difference in colour if no under glaze or slip used. The brighter colors tend to be more muted but has interesting results. If you are not sure about glazing the piece in question then I would make a smaller version and test glaze this piece, this would be OK if time is not an issue. The picture is of one of my hand built tea light holders, Nagar The MuzzleNozzler, she was glazed with Terracolor Blue grass over laid with Dunlop Envision glaze- Down Right White. The base was Terracolor Tigers eye satin. You can see that the blue grass has been muted by the terracotta clay as this would be a much greeny blue colour.
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