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  1. WOW! Thanks Min. Incredible knowledge. Will let you know what happens!
  2. Hi Everyone, New to the group and very new to pottery...although my wife has been doing it 35 years. I was helping her fill an order of 100 plates...the client asked us to stamp a logo in the middle. I'm pretty good with a 3D printer....SO...I whipped it up and she's used it on half the order already. We just realized. IT'S BACKWARDS. Very bad move...but it's subtle. Can't deliver these to the client. My question is....since about 25 of these have already been fired and some are still drying....is there any way to 'fill in' the backwards logo to get rid of it...so at the very least these plates could be sold elsewhere? Slip, magic....anything? I feel horrible. Please let me know if you have any thoughts. Thank you. - Paul PS - THIS IS STONEWARE....not sure if that makes a difference.

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