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  1. sgagnard

    Mixing Glazes

    Just wanted to say thanks to all that replied. I think I'll order 10 lbs. The studio that I have a membership to uses this glaze (in larger quantities) and hopefully I can track down the guy that mixes it for them and he can give me a hand. If not, I'll give it a try on my own thanks to your suggestions. Scott
  2. sgagnard

    Mixing Glazes

    Min thanks for the reply! I'm just making small stuff right now, mugs and bowls so I don't know exactly how much to start with. I figured 3 gallons would be enough to start with and enough to dip my pieces. I don't kn ow if my calculations were off or they suggest a higher concentration of powder to water. 16 pound certainly sounds more reasonable. Thanks again for the reply. I did by a hydrometers so maybe I'll order 16 pounds and go from there. I don't think I'm ready to venture into mixing my own glazes yet.
  3. sgagnard

    Mixing Glazes

    Hello all, I'm new to the group and to pottery. I've been using the glazes at the place where I have a membership, but would like to experiment with some other colors on my own. I wanted to order some Laguna Purple Surprise for my wife and according to the mixing instructions it looks like you mix the powder with 8-11 ounces of water to 1 pound of glaze powder http://www.lagunaclay.com/glazes/dry-glaze-mixing.php. My question are as follows: For a beginner, how much should I mix up (gallons) for dipping? If I decided to mix up a 3 gallons of glaze, does not mean that I would need 40-50 lbs of glaze powder? What am I missing? Thanks in advance to helping a Noob. Scott

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