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  1. Studio Tools?

    Thanks everybody for the tips and info.
  2. Was looking for any suggestions on tool brands. There are some tools I only seem to find in kemper and would like to have a little better quality than that, specifically a fettling knife. Also if there are any brands of metal ribs, wood ribs, or a needle tool you particually like. I use dolan trim tools and like those quite a bit, looking for other tools of similar quality. Thanks so much for any info, it is appreciated.
  3. I am applying this year as well, graduated from the University of Missouri - Columbia. I know it is not out west but if you want to know anything let me know. Bede Clarke is the professor & he definitely knows wood firing. I applied to Montana State, Utah State, & Central Washington University last year but it was a no go. Haven't finished figuring out all the schools I going to apply to yet. I soda & wood fire too.... like you said not necessarily a lot of that going on right now so I am having a trouble finding schools besides the one's listed that will fit me. Tim
  4. MFA Programs

    I appreciate all the input Marcia, it has been very helpful. TJR thanks for giving me some more info on MSU and Josh. Stephen if I can get everything together in time I'll have an application heading your way.
  5. MFA Programs

    Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate it. I have been looking at Utah for quite some time. I have a friend out there in the MFA program, but they do not offer enough financial assistance for me to be able to afford their program. Stephen, I'm pretty sure Bede mentioned your name and program to me about a year ago not positive though I may have things mixed up. Thanks again.
  6. I am a recent graduate from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a BFA in Ceramics and was looking for some help/suggestions with Grad Schools. I am a potter who primarily (pretty much only) woodfires. It has been hard finding schools that would be a good fit. Have thought about apprenticeships and residencies but am pretty set on trying to get into a Grad program. Right I am applying to Montana State, University of Iowa, and East Tennesse State. Any suggestions/info would be much appreciated. Thanks Tim