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  1. Glad to see that there are a couple of other scuba divers on this forum.
  2. I took a Raku workshop this year and the instuctor suggested that we use Laguna's Danish White with sand. It fires to cone 10. It's a good throwing clay (in my very limited experience), I don't know how it burnishes, though.
  3. I am still a beginner, so I want to improve my throwing skills, would like to throw forms with lids, such as casseroles and maybe a cookie jar. I threw my first agateware piece in my last class, want to throw more agateware, and try handbuilt agateware as well. I want to do more Raku firings, and I would like to have enough made to try selling my work at one or two craft fairs next year.
  4. Hello All My name is Amanda; I live in Winnipeg, Canada and I just joined this forum today. I have just recently developed an obsession with clay. I have taken a couple of wheel classes at the local art gallery, and I plan to take more classes until I can either join a studio or can set up a home studio, which is not likely, as I live in a 1 bedroom apartment. I discovered my passion for clay later in life, I am 45, and hope to pursue it full time when I retire from my day job. I am mostly interested in throwing, I am interested in Raku, I have participated in a couple of firings, those pieces were handbuilt. I wish that I had realized a passion for clay when I was in university, I hear some potters talk about what a great time they had at school, but that's done, I intend to keep on with this obsession that I am developing!
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