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  1. LizzyDoggyMum

    What Kiln? (UK)

    Thank you so much for your advice everyone! Doria - that's such a good idea.. Especially to start out!!
  2. LizzyDoggyMum

    What Kiln? (UK)

    Hello folks, I am looking at setting up a 'mobile' party painting pottery company - like the pottery cafes where you go and paint a piece of bisque(?) and then it is fired in a kiln. I've tried (and failed!) to do research into what type of kiln I would need - so I was hoping you folks might be able to help?! The ceramics are returned to the painter, safe for food use, and glossy - is there a gloss I would need to use before putting them in the kiln? Is there anyone in the business that wouldn't mind giving me a few pointers?? Thanks in advance

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