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  1. Julie Huebner

    Glaze aftertaste

    I filled a few cups with water and let them sit over night on paper towels, no moisture. Also tested for crazing on the inside of the cups, none. I also filled one with water and microwave it for 5 minutes, the water remained clear without seepage. I have used these same glazes on 5 different clay bodies using two different electric kilns. There have been taste issues with various cups from all firings. As for the dishwasher I understand that this could be part of the issue, but not all of the offensive cups have been in a dishwasher, a few have been rinsed in clear water after firing still having the taste. All clay ^o4 bisque and ^6 glaze fire, Maybe it's just how pottery tastes. Clays used: Laguna BMix Standard 112 CC Dark Iron Stoneware CC Bclay CC Mid range oxidation with manganese
  2. Julie Huebner

    Glaze aftertaste

    Thank you all so much for the advice and suggestions! I put a call into Continental Clay today telling them about the issues and was told they've not heard of this before and no one else has reported any issues with the B Clay and under firing at ^6. He suggested that I fire to ^5 with a 20 minute hold. I will need to order clay soon, any suggestions for a safe white clay to use? We live in Northern Wisconsin.
  3. Julie Huebner

    Glaze aftertaste

    Glazes used are Iron Luster, Deep Olive Speckle, Blue Rutile, Blue Midnight, Tourmaline, Seaweed. Glazes are used inside and outside, alone or layered, all dipping glazes bought dry in 5-gallon pails, mixed with distilled water. Obsidian doesn't leave an after taste. Several households with different coffee, tea, water and washing process have the aftertaste. I don't use witness cones, my kiln is a newer Skutt electric. Cups from several firings. I wash them in the dishwasher. The only glaze that crazes is Amaco zinc free clear. The coffee tastes more bitter the longer it sits in the cups and gets progressively worse with each use. I've tried refiring, which makes the taste issue worse. I'm wondering if it's a clay/glaze fit issue, or possibly over firing the Potter's Choice Glaze?? At any rate, it's very discouraging.
  4. Julie Huebner

    Glaze aftertaste

    I've been using Continental B Clay bisque fired ^04 and fired to ^6, I use Potter's Choice glazes. Most of my cups make my coffee and tea have a bitter aftertaste. Does anyone know of a reason for this?

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