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  1. KatieC724

    Brent SR 20 pictures

    I was able to fix it by pure blind luck. The hardware store cables are identical to the Brent cables that came off it.. I have to get some slack out and train the cables to wrap correctly but all in all the slab roller is fixed. I will try to attatch photos for the next person who has a broken slab roller and no clue how to fix it and all they need is a picture or two.
  2. KatieC724

    Brent SR 20 pictures

    We have the manual. We spent about 3 hours last night trying to put it back together off that picture with absolutely no luck. Just called Amaco and the technical support team is in a meeting. Guess I will try that route again but honestly just looking for photos and videos right now, that seems like the best option.
  3. KatieC724

    Brent SR 20 pictures

    Hello! My fellow potters in the local studio and I are looking for images of the Brent SR20 slab roller. Ours recently broke, we purchased cables, nuts and bolts from a local hardware store but we cannot figure out how to get it back to rolling the correct way. The cables broke in several parts and were all messed up when we took it apart therefore we were unable to get a good idea of how it was together in the first place. We're hoping for some pictures of the pulley system. We appreciate any help/pictures provided. Have a great day!

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