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  1. Is This Kiln Worth Fixing?

    Thank you all. I have a few weeks before he new school year starts up, so this will be my project. If I can get it up and running just for a reliable bisque Ill be happy. Unfortunately doesn't come with any shelves or anything else, so ill have to pick those up. Anyone familiar with the hudson valley / north jersey area that can recommend a good supplier or possible back up for kiln rental? Ive found some with google searches, but recommendations are valuable.
  2. Evening Ceramic Arts Community, After a long stint of teaching without a kiln, and then having the opportunity to work for a semester with one, I got the bug again and remembered how much I love clay under my fingernails. Serendipity steps in and I'm offered a free kiln just to clear it out of its current residence. Hopeful, but hesitant I visit the kiln to snap some pics and see what I can find out, as its been a long time since undergrad... So please take a look and let me know if/ what can be done. Skutt Model K Crack in the brick on kiln floor Flashing peeled away on base Lid loose, hinge partially attached. Chip in brick along top edge Exposed elements Much obliged, Eric