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  1. kenthenricksen

    Pitting and pinholing

  2. kenthenricksen

    Pitting and pinholing

    I do not stack pieces on top of each other when bisque firing. I do not rub out the pin holes. This glaze does not move at all at 16 mins should I hold longer? How long? The glaze is HF-11. Bisque temp 1945. I use a skutt kiln 818. Bisque firing slow 12.5 hours and glaze medium speed 8.5 hours. This is what I make- www.coldspringceramiccompany.com- for reference. The problem is I cant seem to control when the pinholes come and when they dont. For instance, i make pie dishes some glazes will come out perfect other will be covered in pinholes, but only on the outside. Thank you
  3. kenthenricksen

    Pitting and pinholing

    I do not have a down draft vent system. Kiln is in a garage. It happens sometimes, but not all the time. There is about an 1 inche between pots and about that to walls.
  4. kenthenricksen

    Pitting and pinholing

    I am firing to cone 6 with 16 minute hold recommended by Amaco.
  5. kenthenricksen

    Pitting and pinholing

    Hi Everyone. I'm having major problems with pinholing and pitting. I am getting hundreds on pin holes on only the outside of small pots. I am using tucker's mid smooth stone and bisqueing to 04 with a 16 minute hold. I am dip glazing using amaco white with a 16 minute hold. I have noticed after I dip glaze that lots of popping bubbles appear on the outside of the pots in the glaze. More hold time? Is my kiln broken? Any help would be good . Thank you.
  6. kenthenricksen

    Cobalt Carbonate

    Hi Everyone! Is Cobalt Carbonate food safe? I have been using as a wash on top of a white glaze with good results. My only question is if it's food safe. I've been firing to cone 6. Thank you!

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