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    Kiln Hours To Fire

    thanks for the replies and yes ditto on the Canada day Birthday, the load was empty shelves dividing the three Zones . Thanks to you too Marcia for the reply have a great day.
  2. element of the same length can have different ohm resistance , the size of the wire changes the resistance , the answer from Neil Estrick addresses your problem very well , good luck , keep us informed.
  3. I do the repairs for a local guild on their coneart kilns , the model I am inquiring about is the 2336D oval kiln .If firing time on this kiln on fast glaze to cone 5 was 11.8 hrs. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this unit and let me know if this seems reasonable.The element are new as well as the three tc 's and relays have all been metered and working properly Thank you .

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