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  1. Sylvia, Every potter has these times when they work less than they "should" and I agree with those that wrote to give yourself a break. I often try to trick myself into my studio by either leaving something unfinished that I look forward to finishing...carving, handles, textures...or I set myself up before I quit for the day by having wedged balls of clay ready to throw, or slabs rolled out ready for building. That process makes it easier to get to work, or at least to stop procrastinating. That and a really good book on tape! I consider the lifestyle I lead, going from an errand, job, phone call, laundry, cooking, to my studio in between to be a GIFT! It feels so good when I can move from one thing to another without resentment. It's all good. Ann Suchecki
  2. L&l Kiln Or Skutt?

    Thanks everyone for your opinions. Sucecki can I pick your brains a little more?? I get the impression the L&L computer controller is preloaded with 4 ramps. Can you remember if a Bisque, Cone 04, Cone 6 and Cone 10 is preloaded? The Dynatrol comes with a few ramp settings loaded, slow bisque, fast bisque, slow glaze, fast glaze...every time you input the cone you want to fire to. It is really easy to adjust the ramp and also easy to soak at certain temps, fired down, etc. What I appreciate is the directions are very well though out, and L&L also has a very explicit book on any firing question that you might have. I am not at all techno inclined but they make it easy. Haven't overfired a bisque accidentally since I got one, and no longer need to worry about the kilns where I teach.
  3. L&l Kiln Or Skutt?

    L&L hands down. Steve Lewicki and the folks at L&L really have it together. Our art center has used L&L kilns for years, and they are our first choice when we need to replace an old one. For heavens sake get the computer control. It will save you grief in the long run. I have recently purchased a used L&L and it works great. Best of all, L&L not only back their products, but give back to the clay community. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Good people.