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  1. I have a a shimpo whisper and they are true to their names. Brent has a great history behind them, so I don't want to knock them, but do your homework and shop. If you are buying new, you can't find a comparable brent for the price of the whisper. If noise is an issue at all, go with the whisper.
  2. I tried a variation of this plan only because it is what I had laying around. Mine has higher side walls. Go to your discount store and get a plastic basket. It helps if you have a dremel tool with a cutoff wheel to cut the basket in half. I traced around the splash pan to get the fit right. Made the cut then sanded the edges. You can attach some self adhesive velcro to the sides, but it really isn't necessary. If you take care when making your cuts, you can make it slide into the flange like the splash pan. Works great and is easy to empty. No more clay bits scattered everywhere in the studio!
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