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  1. Lava Glaze

    I am hopping somebody can help me out with a dilemma I have concerning a lava glaze I have got from ceamicsarts daily. There are two versions of this cone 6 lava glaze. One says 0 .34% silica carbide and the other says 34%. The current stoneware one I am using used 2%, so one seem a bit low and the other way to high. Thanks for any help avaibale. Lyn
  2. glaze mataerial substitutions ?

    I have single fired this glaze and used a Australian available potash feldspar that comes from India and it worked fine. I think it needs some oxides to give i ta bit more life. I put less around the bottom third of the pot and it didn't run and added an oribe around the top, over the crystle magic, whcih ran down a small amount. I looks quite nice. Lynette
  3. silica carbide and lava glazes

    I realized after I asked this question, that, it will not work with any glaze, because I have used it tocause localise reduction and that glaze did not crater. Ther must be a certain chemistry that is necessary, but I havn't been able to find much information about high fire crater glazes. Lynette
  4. I would like to make a lava glaze that fires to cone 9. I would appreciate some advice. Can I use any glaze and add some silica carbide ( how much)? I have seen amy lava glazes for up to cone 6, but not above that. Thanks in advance. Lynette
  5. Removing Glaze drip

    Hi pres, Thank you for that reply i have just tried a new glaze and its run but is so nice I want to try it again. As I handbuild, I will try the incised lines. Thanks again for the suggestion Lynette
  6. kaolin 6 tile

    Thank you for that. I thought there must have been some thing that was giving the cream colour. Now I will just do some exeriments and see what happens. Thank again. Lynette
  7. kaolin 6 tile

    Could anyone please tell me the difference between kaolin and kaolin 6 tile. I am in Australia and we do not have kaolin 6 tile. Iam looking to trial a glaze from John Britts book, Strontium Crystal Magic. Will any type of koalin give me a result. Thank you in advance. Lynette