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  1. Bisque Kiln Fired Hot Too Long

    Thank you! I spoke to our kiln guy (Tony at Boston Kiln, if anyone is in the area he's your man! http://www.bostonkiln.com/)and he said the same thing. I know I can always replace parts, but I was so worried about the students works. Especially our beginners when every pot is so precious to them.
  2. Hi everyone, What will happen to bisque work that has fired too hot for too long? I fired a bisque on Thursday night, and realized on Tuesday morning when I checked it that it was still at 1234 degrees and not cooling. It said "Complete". I hit stop, and it didn't begin cooling (although said Idle), so I turned off the circuit breaker. I have a kiln electrician coming out to check on the kiln, but my biggest concern is the work inside (not my work, but student work). I assume it's ruined?