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  1. Thank you all. The sleeve/tube is a smart idea, but I'm afraid it'd change the aesthetics of the bead.
  2. This too sounds likely, alas...still I have to keep that hole size the same
  3. I think you nailed it! I'm using Southern Ice and I fired it a bit lower than its rated temperature. I'll try again soon at its max temp. Gonna keep you updated...thank you!
  4. Hello and merry Christmas everybody ! :-) I hope someone can help with the following issue. I just fired some porcelain beads, which I glazed on the outside and left nake on the inside, as I put them on a rack in the kiln. After wearing one of them for just one day on a rose gold chain, I noticed that the unglazed inner part of the bead got heavily stained. Do you think that glazing the inside would solve the problem? If so, how could I prevent the piece from sticking to the wire? Thank you :-) Fran

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