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  1. Old Kiln Id Help

    Yes. Im sure its a beast to work with . I ended up getting another one , A Cress 24 H that does have kiln sitter. For $80, it seems to be a good deal a good one to start with. Im wondering if its worth upgrading to an electric set up, but ill start i new thread on that once i research more.
  2. Old Kiln Id Help

    thank you for the replies.
  3. Hello, My name is Benjamin i reside in WNY, I haven't had much experience in pottery / ceramics although Ive always wanted to. My experience is more in drawing / animation / music. I recently came across a kiln at what seems to be a fair price, but honestly have no idea. Pretty sure the label reads Buffalo Ceramic and Art supply. ( Im near Buffalo NY so that makes sense) . haven't found that name online. I did request better pictures because the pictures are blurry so thats not much help...but any info Id sincerely appreciate. Not looking for anything spectacular , just something usable for hobby crafts and maybe something with my kids. Thank you and best regards...Benjamin .