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    Some pictures of some of my hand made ceramic.
  2. Where I live in Southern California, (the area around Pasadena and Ontario) there are two full range ceramic programs of note. The first is the Baldwin Park Adult Ceramics Program. They fire from cone 06 to 10 and provide glazes for ^5 and ^10. There are electric wheels (in a separate room) and tables for hand building. There is a fine instructor as well as an extruder and a fine slab roller. This is more like an artist's studio than a class although there is plenty of instruction for all from beginners to advanced potters. The second is the Ceramic Services Inc. in Ontario. While this is a working Kiln manufacturing shop it is also a true a potters studio. While they will accommodate ^06 and ^5 firings they mostly do ^10 and RAKU! They have about 25 glazes but they have materials for studio members so that you can make up you own glazes. There are about 10 electric wheels and able table space. They also have an extruder and slab roller. In addition they stock clay, glaze and tools for purchase. Regular demonstrations and workshops are provided. Of the two potteries, BPAC is great for learners of all ages and skills, CSI is more of an artist studio with limitless potential for inspiration, networking and camaraderie.
  3. I really like making tea pots and altered vases but deep down I love making bowls. Especially sets of Salad mixing bowl and smaller salad bowls/dishes. Jack "Cactus" Caselles

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