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    Passion for the Arts, ceramics, painting and Flower gardening indoors and out. I enjoy reading when I find the time.
  1. Help With Substitute For Lead Bisilicate

    Thank you John for the forum lists and clay artists. I checked out Johanna's work and is all beautiful work. I have some test tiles drying and will begin the long process of discovery. Best Wishes, Llewellyn
  2. Help With Substitute For Lead Bisilicate

    Thank You John for the welcoming. I appreciate very much the advise you give and will be well headed. I'm going to get some clay test tiles made up and begin the process of discovery and mixing up some base glazes and responses to that, just a few to start with- maybe two. Greg Daly's book is packed with information for a start. Are their any specific chat lines or other places that I should know about on the internet out there that I might benefit from study group, questions, input etc. related to Lustre firing. I just unloaded an electric kiln of bisque (porcelain) but need to build up enough to fill the gas kiln - 100 some pieces then I'll be ready to glaze and that'll also give me some time to catch up with the process of getting some test tiles readied. Thanks much.
  3. I am a ceramist for over 20 years and am desiring to do lustreware not based on the commercial jars of paint but actual fuming with the silver and copper and have Greg Daly's book on lustreware and only starting reading it and lots of info and line blends etc. but the process appears to make use of lead basciliate which i am not sure I want to get into? I have both electric and gas kiln. Any helps or directions of how to proceed would be helpful. I am thinking we do not yet have a sub for lead though? I am sure their are more knowledgeable people on this subject. Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you. Llewellyn Abbey Pottery