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  1. Refire advice for blistered glaze

    Sounds like excellent advice. I'll take it! I'm sure I'll have much more fun working on something new. And I'm not attached to any of the damaged pieces. Thanks a bunch, DeAnna
  2. Refire advice for blistered glaze

    I bisque fired to cone 04. I also double checked, all the pots with blistering were Phoenix clay. All the pots that came out okay were Loafer's Glory. Thanks, DeAnna
  3. Hi, I need some advice. Here's my problem. I fired to my kiln to cone 9. The witness cone seems to concur that cone 9 was reached without over firing. Clay Body: Loafer's Glory and Phoenix. Commercial Glaze: Mayco Stoneware glazes for cone 5/6 -- but is also indicated that it would be okay at 9/10. Kiln: I'm using a Skutt Kiln with an electric kiln setter. I selected the Medium firing speed, with a 2 hour preheat, and a 5 minute soak. It took 13 hours to reach temperature. I have an envirovent too and tested it pre-fire to make sure it was working. I had some pieces with: * Cinnabar Stoneware Glaze - perfect results (no blistering, smooth glossy finish, etc) * Capri Blue and Green Tea stoneware glaze - pretty good with some minor blistering. * Smoke Stoneware glaze - blistered like crazy! And came out a deep, deep blue. From the research I've done online, I'm pretty positive the pieces are blisters and not pinholes, since they bubble-like and many have sharp edges. This is the first time I've used the Smoke glaze and in retrospect, should have probably fired it to cone 6 at least once before trying it at cone 9. Fire and learn. I would like to refire the pieces that blistered to smooth out the glaze. I'm wondering if I should * refire to cone 6 or to cone 9? * adjust the speed? * adjust the cool down? * adjust the soak time? I've found different advice online. Some articles suggested refiring for blistering was probably futile. Just wondering what you folks think. Thanks a bunch for any advice and wisdom you care to share! Kind regards, DeAnna
  4. thank you both. Everything turned out fine.
  5. Hi, I'm looking for some advice. I made a scattered-brained, last-minute change when bisque firing. Now I'm not sure what to do. Here's my predicament. I usually bisque fire to cone 04. I had read that I could fire to cone 06 - 04 for bisque and decided to give it a try. I had not planned to load in my under glazed pieces into the that load. During the loading though, I was able to get more in the kiln than I anticipated. I added in some under glazed tiles to the kiln. But totally forgot to change my plans to fire to cone 06. I'm using Amaco under glazes. According to the instruction on the label, the under glaze matures at cone 05. I only fired to cone 06. What should I do? Refire to cone 05, then apply the clear glaze and fire to cone 6. Go to the next step. Apply the clear glaze, fire to cone 6 and hope for the best. Something else? By the way, the colors on the under glazed tiles look vibrant. Any advice would be warmly welcome.