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  1. Hi, I am a newbie to much of ceramics, and use commercial glazes to make pieces for my mosaic sculptures. Recently I was gifted a large amount of Duncan envision 06 glazes, mayco series 2000 cone 06 and Duncan gloss 06 glazes with lead in them. Naturally, the colors I need for the 2 pieces I am working on are not there and I was wondering if they can be mixed? I know Envisions can be mixed with each other but can the lead glazes be added to the lead free? Or the Mayco to the Duncan? I know I need to just experiment but having a small kiln and limited time I wondered if anyone had any advice or experience with this I would greatly appreciate it. Also...if the lead and leadfree cannot be mixed can they be layered on top of each other...if one is translucent? Thank you anyone for the help! PJ