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  1. I thought the glazes posted on Glazemixer were posted by users and they included the recipe. They would mix any glaze that was posted in the forums. Maybe i'm wrong. I wish they had just left the forums up so that users like myself could still get the recipes. I bought a glaze from Glazemixer called "wood ash traditional shino" and wish I had the recipe - I just used the last of it!
  2. Kiln To Propane Tank Distance

    Thanks Neil, John and Tyler, I'm going through local government here in California. They don't make it easy. As I clear one hoop another appears.
  3. Kiln To Propane Tank Distance

    Thanks Tyler!
  4. I am setting up a gas kiln on my property. Can someone tell me how close or far away a 120 gallon propane tank should be from the Olympic 2827G Kiln? Can it be as close or as far away as I want it or is there a standard distance for safety etc.? Thanks for any advice!