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  1. I bought a used Creative Industries Model HP wheel for $400 a few years ago. It has begun making a noise that worries me (and also drives me crazy). Remember that soft shtk-shtk-shtk noise the needle at the end of an LP makes? It's like that - not loud, but regular. I noticed it last night and thought something might have gotten stuck underneath the wheel head and was brushing against a part on the underside of the wheel - that's how it sounds - but that wasn't it. I'm worried that it's the bearings and marks the beginning of the end for my cheap little wheel. Does this description ring any bells for anyone?
  2. I've seen a few things online lately advising against bringing plaster anywhere near clay, but no explanations. What's the issue between plaster and clay?
  3. wire for decoration?

    What about other kinds of wire - non-copper? And ... does this kind of thing do any damage to the kiln or the other pots? I share kiln space for both the bisque and glaze firings ... I'd love to experiment, but think my hosts would take a dim view of it if something might explode or make a mess on their pots or the kiln itself. I really appreciate the responses- thanks!
  4. Is it possible to decorate a pot with wire and then fire it? For example: inlay wire into leather-hard clay and bisque fire, or wrap part of a bisqued pot with wire and glaze fire? Or does the heat of the kiln simply melt the wire right off the pot?