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  1. Unidentified Clay

    Should any old stoneware bowl work? I believe the clay was donated to the tent.
  2. Unidentified Clay

    Hi all, I inherited a 25 pound bag of gray/silver clay from an event I volunteered at. We worked in a kids art tent at a festival. At the end of the day they had 20 or so bags of this clay left over so they asked all the volunteers to take a bag home (we were all college art students). I was told it "may be low fire clay". I did a little bit of research but I can't find any slivery low fire clay bodies. I asked my teacher if we could test it because he is usually all about testing out new ideas, but this time he was really not into the idea. Does anyone know how I could test the clay? I do not have a ton of my stoneware left, and I want to continue creating over the summer. Thanks everyone, Jason
  3. Would you mind finding this video for a beginner? Thanks