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  1. Such interesting, unique & inspirational work. I especially like your works with light playing through the pieces.

  2. Hi Devorka, your work is fantastic! Tell me did you manage to put a website together yet? Jacqui

  3. Hello Devorka,

    I have been viewing your beautiful Ceramic and light sculptures and I love the patterns of light emanating from them. I too am using light in my work and will upload some images shortly. Cheers!

  4. Vases

  5. I've been looking into free "online galleries" for a while, just to start showing my work on the internet. So far Exto is the best free place I've found, for us on a limited budget. There is a bit tedious registration procedure required, but once accepted and approved you'll have your free web site in a matter of minutes, with address like johndoe.exto.org . There are some minor flaws, like dutch and english language on the same page but it's free...so thumbs up Davorka
  6. Day&Night

    Ambiental ceramic lighting sculpture
  7. Thank you for your kind words! All my work is made from regular clay, glazed with regular glazes :)

  8. Woman

  9. Beautiful work!! Are you using regular clay or porcelain? I love your use of color as well.


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