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  1. firing question

    once it's fired, I wouldn't be worried about warping....I've been throwing for several years and never seen anything warped once the final stage has been achieved....but then I'm not an expert either. Sally I made this cake stand for my sister in law, its about ready to be bisque fired which shouldnt be a problem, I will fire it upside down and shouldnt have problems with warping but after its glazed and sitting upright I am worried about warping, I made the top thick. Do you think I will have a problem with warping? If there might be an issue with warping could I possibly throw a wide open cylinder that will set underneath it towards the outside? I am thinking that might do the trick but I would rather not do it unless others her think it might warp Thank you for the reply. I am using a highfire clay that is full of grog and although its not a great picture the base does curve out considerably at the top and is supporting a lot. It is also slightly concave but not much. I guess I will fire it and just see what happens.