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    pottery - mainly hand-built, extruded,
    learning new techniques
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  1. Best Online Clay Retailer

    It really depends on how much clay you order at a time. If you're ordering 25-50 pounds, try Stone Mountain Clay in Georgia. (http://www.stonemountainclay.com) They have some wonderful clays and will pack 50 pounds into a USPS flat rate shipping box.
  2. Such interesting, unique & inspirational work. I especially like your works with light playing through the pieces.

  3. My

    This is anything but dorky. It's fabulous even in the beginning stages.
  4. Pot Head

    © &copy

  5. Dragon Pot

    © &copy

  6. Raku Pots

    © &copy

  7. Garden Guardian

    © &copy

  8. Garden Gnome

    © &copy

  9. Raku Bowl

    Layered glazes ... (1) Amaco Smokey Blue and (2) White Crackle

    © &copy

  10. Is it me or the wheel?

    Thanks for the reminder, Joel. I get so busy centering myself, remembering which hand goes where. It's good to go back to basics.
  11. Is it me or the wheel?

    That's wild! Wonder how much he had to "pull" and how much effect gravity had on the height of his pot. Thanks for posting.
  12. Is it me or the wheel?

    Throwing a pot on the wheel of a car just shows that anything is possible. Well ... maybe. Anyone ever try to throw with the wheel upside down? LOL Yes, the rotator cuff repair has altered things a bit. The range of motion & strength are coming back. What complicates matters more is the fact that I broke the wrist on that same arm about 15 years ago. It's healed fine and is strong but isn't at the "correct" angle. It's off a bit (i.e., can't throw a ball straight). But, I managed to adjust and made some decent things on the wheel. Then the rotator cuff ... aarrgghhh!! Guess it's like you all say ... practice, practice, practice. And, I'll add ... patience, patience, patience.
  13. Recycling CM, PMI & other magazines

    OH Alice ... So sorry that I didn't see your note until just now. Any chance that he's back in Cocoa this month?
  14. mud bonsai accent figures

    je les aime. ils sont tres beau. merci.
  15. Is it me or the wheel?

    Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your input. Sounds like it's mostly me (kinda what I thought all along). I'll have to go back to square 1 and check my posture, placement of my hands/fingers, the wheel speed, the amount of moisture ..... yadayadayada. Today was really a test after having rotator cuff surgery last October. Shoulder doesn't hurt but other things might not be in proper alignment.

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