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  1. In a recent glaze firing at our community studio, something exploded and we wonder whether it might have been one or more of the bisqued "cookies" placed under a couple of pieces in case of possible glaze drips. These cookies have been used in multiple glaze firings - let's say perhaps 4 - 6, not sure. No thrown / glazed pieces blew up (as far as we know), though some were damaged, of course, from the bisque fragments embedded in them. Someone suggested clay fatigue as a possibility, saying that on occasion a ceramic baking dish used for some years can explode in the oven (and wouldn't THAT be a mess!). Can anyone offer ideas about this? Thanks.
  2. I bought my Shimpo VL-Lite from Clay-King 3 or 4 years ago when they were having a late spring sale (I think this was in May). The total cost was, I think, about $400, including shipping (I'm in S.C. about a 1-hour drive from where the company's located). I still look at Craigslist from time to time for kilns and wheels, just to see what's out there. Sometimes you get lucky - that's how I got my Cress kiln, shelves, posts, boxes of cones, etc.
  3. I have an older Cress kiln (w/ kiln sitter) that I bought used from its second owner. I fire to ^6, no more, and it has served me and its previous owners well. The elements needed replacing last winter, and I ordered new ones from Cress (check for their website). They have good customer service - I know b/c I've bugged them with questions a number of times.