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  1. Just getting started

    I'm so Bummed.... the large platter cracked during Bisque firing. The rest survived. Apparently it was just a little on the thin side for such a large piece. On the plus side I have enough other pieces to glaze and fill up the kiln again next weekend.
  2. Just getting started

    Well thank you for that Christine! I think I got a clay-bug... The time spent with my girls is the most precious time ever.
  3. trying to make fake coral

    Greetings Lisa, I too am new to the medium and equally as fond of the possibilities as yourself. I would think the coral fans would be relatively easy to make. Getting the texture will take some practice but I bet by experimenting with various tools, such as a stiff brisle hairbrush or the like will garner acceptable results. In any case go get some clay under yer fingernails and give it a shot. Dont forget to get pics! Good luck and God bless, Mark
  4. Just getting started

    Yeah, I have had a few plates warp, some a great deal. I found if I leave em in the form overnight the warping is minimized. Last night my daughter got on board with the 'art' and abstract aspect and created this: she chopped up pieces of clay till she had a pile of pieces then we rolled it out and she just trimmed the loose ends away and formed it to the bowl. She is real proud of the result. I cant wait to fill the kiln come saturday. I'll bisc to cone 06 then glaze to cone 5.5
  5. Help! Can't upload profile photo!

    I'm new here also and cant view the same attachment you refer to. Lotta help I am...NOT!
  6. I'm new to the clay community, I thought I would introduce myself and share a few pieces. I bought a kiln a couple months ago and started doing some experimenting with pottery. I made my own slab roller and started out making plates with my kids. Its a blast! I have a huge work table on wheels in the shop 4' x 10' where we work together, turn some tunes on and just hang with me girls. Lotta giggling and I love that sound!! This is considered functional art; you can use em as dinnerware and I intend on using the serving platter but for the most part the stuff is for looking at as art. A large serving platter, I mixed two different clays together for effect, I'll use a semi-transparent glaze so I don't cover it up. Its about 12" by 18" and 5/16" thick. The small bowls were formed over other bowls. Relatively free-formed. As well with the plates, just formed over other plates. again mixed clays, This one I did off center and used a rag to impart some delicate wrinkles that will fill with glaze and produce interesting effects when fired My girls think I'm a little nuts for this one, its my 'spilling bowl' I envision it on my dresser gently holding my wallet, keys and spare change while I slumber. I liked it so much I went out last night and made a couple more similar. I'll have a full kiln next weekend. Sam made a 'peace-Love' plate: Last night the three of us made a few more pieces, Ill get more pics later.
  7. I need kiln help- newbee

    I recently purchased a used Duncan studio kiln and I used a knob off my BBQ to replace the lost upper knob. Thought that was a funny coincidence. I don't think you need to leave the top open or the peeps out, it has a timer built into the heating element to ramp up the heat slowly. Orton sells a CD I found very helpful called "SUCCESSFUL FIRING PRACTICES - KEY PRINCIPALS"I found worth the $20. www.ortonceramic.com