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  1. Nope, not there. Pages 13 - 14 talk about record keeping and kiln wash. No where in my manual does is say how to bisque fire. I have no "1" on my kiln. I sent a picture of it. No worries- got it figured out- found a local expert who was as perplexed as I that there was no bisque firing instructions in my manual.
  2. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Ok.... so I will try again and leave the holes open and the lid propped a tiny bit. I also found another answer...... instead of directly setting it to the 'ceramic' setting (too hot too fast for bisque)...... I can turn the dial all the way clockwise and that will be the lowest setting- even tho there's no marking on the kiln that says "low". (just before it goes back to off) I can set it at the lowest setting and gradually move it counter clockwise to increase the temp over about 6 hours before leaving it on the ceramic setting. Thank you also for clarifying what "soak" means. Ok.... going off to reload my kiln and start it SLOWLY. I WILL get the hang of this. The manual is not very helpful. :-( It says nothing about HOW to bisque fire - only what cone to use for what clay. My kiln is outside. Thank you for your helpful answer!!!!!
  3. I read the entire manual cover to cover. I did my first glaze firing last night. Low fire clay, low fire glaze, cone 06.....came out perfect. I'm not sure anyone is understanding my question..... the manual says nothing about how to bisque fire. All it says is set to ceramic and it will fire between come 01 and cone 07. Ok, so I know that. What I need to know is how do I set the kiln so the bisque soaks. My "ceramic" setting glaze firing came out perfect but was done in 4 hours. I know that bisque can't be done in four hours. How do I set it so I can let the temps go up GRADUALLY? It's ok if no one knows....... I'm just not sure anyone is understanding what I need to know. Yep, did test firing, did everything the manual said. Cover to cover. I called my clay supplier (sells kilns too) he said that the knob will work, and it does. There are no markings on the KILN for gradual (manual) temperature rising (soaking).
  4. here is my VERY newbie answer..... can you possibly just roll out a slab and CUT the letters from the slab? Then, of course, adhere them to your sign?
  5. I love almost all music. I think it depends on my mood that day. i love christian music, Stones (quite a contrast there, huh?) rock, some hip-hop, classical, oldies..... almost all of it. Really depends on my mood....(spoken like a true woman.)
  6. Denice- I am wondering if we had the same art teacher!? I swear our teacher was stoned most of the time in class and we, too, always listened to the Beatles....or CSN and Y. I usually have the tv on shows that I have already seen they are just back ground noise, it has music channels but I don't really like the mixes. I just really like local FM old rock and roll stations, disc jockey's, weather and news. My radio from my shop was donated to our emergency shelter supplies, after the Joplin tornado I stocked the basement. Back in the 60's my high school pottery teacher played the Beatles and Cream and it was rumored that he smoked Mary Jane in his pipe during class. Denice
  7. The kiln is all wired and the electrician said he knows basically nothing about kilns....just that they need a seperate breaker, etc. Ok.... so the lady I bought the kiln from replaced this knob. Her child pulled the original knob off. It doesn't matter what the knob says, what matters is what the kiln settings are. There are only three settings on my kiln.....Hi-Fire, Ceramic and Overglaze. All I need to know is which setting I need to use for a bisque firing. According to the manual, I use "ceramic." But doesn't the kiln need to warm up slowly over hours or "soak?" I just did a glaze firing on the ceramic setting and it was only 4 hours. Shouldn't the bisque firing take longer than that? I mean, the kiln doesn't know if the pieces are glazed or not.
  8. Ha! My husband says the kiln would be perfect for pizzas! Good eye, Chris! I'm curious if the 'broil' setting is what you would use for steaks or kabobs .... Oooops! Forgot... not recommended to eat (or roast things) in the studio.
  9. Thank you so much for your help. I will do that.
  10. Hello friends. I am very new at this. I have been taking pottery (handbuilding) classes for several months and absolutely love it. A couple of weekends ago, I purchased a used kiln. We are having it wired in this weekend. The kiln I got is a Duncan EA-820 and has an LT-3K kiln sitter on it. On the kiln sitter there are two dials. The upper dial turns to the following settings: *off *Hi-Fire *Ceramic *Overglaze. The lower dial can be set to hours 1 through 20. My question is, when I go to bisque fire it, what on Earth do I set it to? How many hours? Do I set the other dial on Ceramic for the bisque fire? I'm so lost. I plan on firing to bisque cone 04 and glaze cone 05 because that's what we did in class. If anyone can please help me, I would so sincerely appreciate it. THANK YOU! -Frances