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  1. glaze mixing classes

    I am having a similar dilema...to mix my own or not. I came across this page: http://coyoteclay.co...dbyfamilies.htm This has large "tiles" of the colors, and photos of pieces using the colors, and mixtures /layers of the various glazes. Bonnie
  2. Raku Kiln Plans?

    Thanks to everyone who replied on this! Lots of good resources! Bonnie
  3. I want to make a small but effective Raku kiln. Does anyone have a plan to make one? My hubby is VERY handy and resourceful, and I know we can put something together! Thanks in advance! Bonnie
  4. Is the Highwater Bulletin Board a local thing? Does anyone know of any ceramics classifieds online? (I know about the one o Ceramic Arts Daily.) I am not having any luck with Craigslist (did a 500 mile search and found only one wheel I would consider, and it was way over priced) or Ebay. Walnutcreek
  5. Does anyone have a Bracker Portable Raku kiln? I am curious about it's reliability and whether it actually works. I have only seen them online. Claydog makes a sturdier looking raku kiln, for about $300 more. Anyone have one of these? Thanks! Walnucreek