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  1. Hi Karen Welcome- I usually love to sit on the sidelines and watch all of the information flow in front of me. This time though-I am compelled to let you know what I do. I use a chemical called "talc" from the place where I buy clay. It is the same as baby powder but without the smell...I roll most of what I attach to cups and I roll on a piece of canvas sprinkled with talc. I sprinkle talc on the top before I cut. I also use wax molds which I have created and sprinkle with talc. Works great for me. Thank you for allowing to share what I do. Dee
  2. Peel me off this velcro seat...

    Wow - there is so much that could be said on the topic of motivation. I totally love my life and living it to the fullest. I even have become grateful for the difficulties - because- I become a better person after working thru the issues. Life is effort and rest. Good luck with looking within yourself for the answers
  3. Thank you so very much for all of the information. I had for years purchased from one supplier of clay, this last clay was purchased from someone else. I recently found out that all clay for the same temp is really not all the same. The recipe can and usually are different. The end result, I think, is lowering the temp of the kiln somewhat. Again thank each of you for your thoughts and advice.
  4. Good to know! Thanks for sharing! I had never had an issue with my stoneware, so it must just be a porcelain thing.
  5. I have researched your topics and did not find anything related to this. Of late in the final firing the edge of some of the mugs stick to the shelves. I have put extra kiln wash on the shelves, I wax the bottoms of the mugs, and I also wipe the glaze off on the edge of the bottom rim. I am so confused. could it be the clay even though it says cone 5-6 maybe is not? Thanks for any advice you can share.