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  1. What stage of pottery do you like best and why? Wet, leather hard, greenware, or bisque? Not to sound flippant, but the stage of pottery I like best so depends on the process I'm involved in at the time. Wet = doing some immediate altering or flopping it around to form a wrinkle or embellishment. Soft leather hard (or what perhaps Kristen Keiffer calls "suede hard") allows one to alter by darting and easing the piece back together with a new look & sprigging and slip-trailing with more attachment success. The true leather hard stage makes carving and piercing easier not to mention being to apply colored slips and underglazes w/o immediate collapse. Then there is greenware...allowing water-carving, applying Terra Sig, burnishing. Bisque? With bisque you get to do more decorating with such a variety of options that it's staggering to think of all that's availabe...and then just Fire Away...using another variety of firing techniques. I'm supposed to pick a favorite though. I agree with Paula Patton's statement of "I like leather hard the best, I can still change or alter it or I can reclaim it if I don't like it! " Thanks Paula. Gee. Just one little question really stirs up dormant gray matter!
  2. Kristen Kieffer. Her work is varied yet recognizeable, deliberately planned yet spontaneous, beautiful and functional. So many processes could be learned from her. Plus, from having gone to a Potter's Council workshop and having had the privelege of seeing her demonstrate, she seems to be a patient and genuinely nice person...putting a new potter-to-be at ease. Yes...definitely Kristen Kieffer. :-)

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