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  1. Hello all, I have just finished my BFA in Studio Ceramics and I am now looking for a Masters program. I currently live in North Carolina but am open to go anywhere in the US. I am interested in utilitarian work and would the to find a program that has some interests in potters. I know that it is important to take into account the location, climate, city type and all, but I'm pretty open. I am having a hard time finding schools off the Top Ten Lists. I know there are more out there, because my undergrad school offers a MFA program and I haven't found it at all while searching. Also, not taking the GRE is a plus. I am also thinking I would like somewhat of a smallish program. So far I have looked at, Central Washington University, Montana State University at Bozeman and Missoula,and University of Florida. Any guidance would be much appreciated! Thanks

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