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    To Sign Or Not To Sign

    I like Brandy use a logo stamp on each of my pieces. My stamp is a hand made bisque fired stamp I made myself. I also sign the bottom of my work Flagg Pottery, Chillicothe, IL. I have done this for 43years. I wanted people to be able first be able to read my writing, second I wanted them to be able to find me if they lost my info, and third I have used my stamp on the side of my pieces which has the old "salt fired pot style imprint of the pottery name and a small "flag" & Est. 1975". The flag symbol playing off my last name. For years I did date my work, then I experienced what others have said, customers that wanted to know why the pot had and old date, and wondered the reason for it not selling. Now some of my work is showing up on Ebay and the dated work goes for a higher price. As things do come around in circles customers have started wanting me to date my work again! Go figure! So along with my signature I now put the number for the year, currently "11". Putting my name and city on the bottom has helped people find me again , pre-Internet and now people just search for FlaggPottery and you get Flaggpottery.com. I will warn you if you do look for my website you will see it looks pretty wimpy right now, the reason is explained on the main page and updates are in the works. You will see my life has taken a bit of a turn. :-). So I would say sign your work for sure, I hate collecting fellow potters work when I can't read their name because I like to know their story too. Date it if you want to if it feels right. Best of luck with our work.
  2. I would like to work with Warren McKensie of Minnesota in the US. I have always admired his work and his beautiful simple functional pottery. I love the spirit that comes from each piece and his philosophy on making pottery.

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