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  1. Hey guys thanks for all of the great advice! I'll definitely be more cautious with the zinc now, probably just do a burn to get it off the barrel before I do a real firing. I am going to bisque my stuff first I just meant I'd save some money by only having to rent out kiln space once for each form. Picked up some Raku clay the other day and made a bunch of bowls to do a test firing with. Going to the studio with the kiln now to do my first bisque, probably do my first barrel firing on Sunday. I'll post pictures if anything comes out well. Again thanks for the advice its really going to help me out.
  2. Hey Everyone, I just started a little studio in my garage and figured I would reach out to the community for some advice. I plan on barrel firing my pieces to cut down on my costs but I've never done it before and have some questions. I bought a 31 gallon galvanized steel trash can and am wondering If I have to burn the zinc off before using it for a firing? I read online that this is the case but I was thinking that maybe the fumes from the zinc burning off would impart some color on the pots. Also I'm wondering what types of clay people are using for barrel firings? The guy at the pottery store told me low fire white clay but the internet seems to think I should be using groggy stoneware. Hopefully someone knows about this stuff but please feel free to post any other advice you have on this type of firing, I'll be grateful for any help I can get. Thanks
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