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  1. Need Help :)

    I dont know why you feel the need to respond to every post saying its copying. I just needed help remaking something that is similar not the exact same thing
  2. Need Help!

    Hi! thanks for your responses! We are opening up a Spanish restaurant in Houston Texas and the art I want is from Spain and I was hoping someone could make 15 of each one.They are little statues (dont know how to attach the pictures) or if you knew someone who could do it. Doesn't have to be the exact copy but similar if possible.
  3. HI! I'm looking for someone that can recreate a piece of art in ceramic! If you know ANYONE please let me know! Its extremely important! Thank you!
  4. Need Help!

    Hi! I am looking for someone who is good at recreating a piece of art in ceramic. If you know anyone please message me! Thanks!